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Escrima, Kali, FMA, Arnis Gear Nottingham

PRICES IN BLACK INCLUDE POSTAGE. Scroll down to buy gloves, foam sparring sticks and cases.

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Escrima Dagger Wooden

10.99 MPN/EAN 6869983489844

Cash on Collection Price 9.99

"Great item excellent value..." Buyer: tetricus2

Buy this wooden safety training dagger for displays and FMA drills. Hand carved and polished in Baguio City on the Luzon island from Philippino Mahogany Dimensions and Weight: Weight: 60-70 grams.Thickness at handle 2.0 cm. Overall length: 25.7 cm Handle length: 12 cm.

Escrima Dagger Nottingham

Pair Rattan Escrima Sticks


Cash on Collection Price 15.99

"Great Sticks...." Buyer: tinbasher87.

Buy two rattan medium weight escrima sticks, fire hardened.

5/6 node sticks 170g weight approx.

Both are unpeeled and sanded, then soft sheen gloss lacquered.
Best suited for general drill and light contact work.
Can always be taped to further protect.

71cm long, 2 cm dia approx.

These natural canes can not be guaranteed to be completely straight nor identical in shade or colour.

Escrima Sticks Nottingham

Single Bahi/ Bahe Escrima Stick


Cash on Collection Price 18.99

"Superb! ..... Awesome items..." Buyer: blueboyz1878

Purchase this Bahi medium/heavy weight, unnoded, hardwood escrima stick. Striped appearance. Sourced from the Philipines.

Excellent choice for solo drills (in building up the strength of the arms) and impact work on tyres.
Though considered more absorbent than ironwood, (and less prone to breakage)
there will still be some vibration on contact with partner`s stick.

72 cm long 20mm dia 420-450g weight (all approx).

Whilst no natural canes can be guaranteed to be completely straight, these are quite uniform.

Escrima Sticks Nottingham

Leather Stick Fighting Gloves XL ONLY


Cash on Collection Price 31.85

Order these Leather Full Contact glovea, and protect your hands and wrists when contact stick fighting.

Palm/finger cutouts are designed to allow maximum grip and control.

Velcro closure at wrist.

Sold in pairs

We currently supply medium, large or extra large versions. Please choose from the drop down menu.

Try these two methods to determine your size: The width of your palm is either 9cm (M) or 10cm (L). Or The tip of your middle finger to the first wrist crease at the base of the palm is 19cm (M) 20.5cm (L).

Remember gloves will give a little after some use, but your hands will also expand as you heat up during training.
You may also be using our wraps/supports.

Escrima Gloves Nottingham

Nylon Escrima Stick Case


Cash on Collection Price 6.99

"Quality product..." Buyer: beretask "Great Product ... Perfect for my Sticks" Buyer neil.porteous

Escrima stick case in nylon holds two 25mm sticks (not included).
Pocket of bag is 70 cm approx, with the fold over portion of the bag adding another 1 cm approx.
Would NOT hold two foam training sticks. Shoulder strap attached.

Colours red, green and blue. Please choose from the drop down menu.

Each item inspected prior to dispatch.

Escrima Equipment Nottingham

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