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Thai Boxing Equipment Nottingham

PRICES IN BLACK INCLUDE POSTAGE. Scroll down to buy glove deodorisers, armbands, etc.


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Thai Boxing Headband Mongkol


Cash on Collection Price 10.50

"..great product my gym fighters will wear this with pride..." Buyer: rabmuaythai.
Mongkol/ Mongkhon Sourced from Thailand.
The Headband is traditionally worn during the Ram Muay pre fight ritual.
One size: Firm fit on my 57cm circumference skull! Please choose colour of your Thai headband from the drop down menu.

Article and footage here: and here:

Chinese Martial Arts Nottingham

Thai Boxing Oil 120 cc


Cash on Collection Price 7.99

MPN/EAN 8858467000048

"Awesome stuff!....." Buyer qshane.

Buy Namman Muay liniment to try to relieve the muscle aches and pains associated with the conditioning methods of Muay Thaiboxing and kickboxing, especially on the shin.

It is usually shaken onto unbroken skin before and/or after impact training. Contains menthol and methyl salicylate.

Conditioning is a regular and progressive practice (seek qualified/experienced tuition) Don`t overdo it!
Not for internal use - do not breathe the spray.
If adverse reactions occur discontinue use. Test on small skin patch and wait 24 hours before wider use.
We do not recommend use on children nor for covering large areas of the body.

A massage routine using your purchase here:

Thai Boxing Equipment Nottingham

Boxing Glove Deodoriser No Stink


Cash on Collection Price 4.50

MPN/EAN 0609722923910

"...great item that really works.." Buyer: jen1703 "....excellent product" Buyer: lyndap0163

Buy thes deodorisers to neutralise bad smells and odors inside sports gloves of all types. Should work equally well in trainers.

Absorbs moisture and sanitises to reduce risk of infections.

Each bamboo charcoal pouch measures 13.5 cm x 10 cm and are 28 mm thick. Sold in a pair.

How to recharge your purchase. It just needs several hour in the sun/on a heat source to drive off moisture collected.

Thai Boxing Gear Nottingham

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