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Looking for  Wing Chun Kung Fu in Nottingham?

Wing Chun Kung Fu Nottingham Wing Chun in Foshan with Lun Kai. Now Teaching Wing Chun Beeston, Nottingham
Instructor: Larry Tuck (Instructor Profile)


OR  22 Dunsmore Close, Beeston, Notts

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 Community Centre Classes:

Tuesday & Thursday 7.30 - 9.00pm.

Sunday Advanced Class by Invitation 6.00pm-7.15pm

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Private Lessons / One to One Training by Appointment


Option 1 6.00 per class reducing to 5.50 once licensed
Option 2 22.00 per hour or pro rata

Wing Chun Personal Training Beeston, NottinghamWing Chun Classes Beeston, Nottingham
Personal Training Venue Old Venue New Venue
See Foshan Wing Chun Nottingham in Action

Five Star Google Review: "Joint Effort Chinese Martial Arts and Health Practices teaches Wing Chun in a professional and friendly manner. The classes are filled with a mixture of different skill sets, but everyone there are extremely welcoming. I started only a couple of months ago and aim to continue". Alex

Email from new starter: "Thank you Larry!! I had an amazing first experience, lots to learn and digest!" Lana

"Thanks for a good session tonight. Always worth it ...!!" Mark G

What is Foshan Wing Chun?

Wing Chun (Eternal Springtime Fist) is a South Chinese system of Kung Fu (the word can mean application of technique). It is characterised by its fast hand work, simultaneous block and attacks, practical low kicking, and sensitivity in redirecting the attacker's force.Considered one of the best Chinese fighting arts for self defence, the Ip Man style of Wing Chun is known largely for methods taught in 1940`s Hong Kong, but our forms are those from 1930` Foshan as taught to Lun Gai (photo above)

What Happens at our Beeston Wing Chun School?

At our Beeston Wing Chun classes we concentrate our training on partner work, sensitivity (chi sau), forms practice (similar to Karate katas), reaction drills and Wing Chun techniques such as lap sau, and self-defense applications. Power development is practiced, such as inch punch and pad, bag and wooden dummy work. Semi contact sparring and the distinctive chi sau sparring is also practiced when students are confident and controlled. Eventually the weapons of the system are employed (butterfly short swords and pole).

Are there alternatives to Class?

Yes, Personal training ( One to one ). You can be taught in the comfort and privacy of your own home (travel costs apply) or at our Beeston Venues. I can also travel/host small group seminars.

You might also consider Chinese Combat Fitness ( A sort of Boxercise ) 9.99 for 30 mins and Womens Self Defence and the martial aspects of our "No Faith" Tai Chi lessons.

What Do We Expect of Students?

Contact us first by phone or email so we can discuss your requirements. Come to sessions with an open mind and loose, comfortable exercise clothing including trainers. Experienced students from other schools do not necessarily need to abandon their forms and learn ours. After 2-3 weeks, if you like our approach, we expect you license with our Association and the Governing body. (23.00) We then expect you to purchase uniform.(22.00)

E-mail today or call 07514383715 to check on private lesson availability/organize attendance at your first Foshan Wing Chun class. If you need equipment or clothing these are our shop links for Wing Chun equipment. and clothing. Follow our exploits on Facebook:

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Hawkins Cheung

Articles from the Sifu himself.

Robert Chu

Articles from Chu Sau Lei's Wing Chun`s founder.

Steve Morris

Student of Joseph Cheng, whose single-handed and single-minded analysis of the fight is a must for martial artists.

Lun Kai one of Yip Man`s original 6 students, with the son of his elder kung fu brother, Gwok Fu and some Argentinian students. Larry has trained with Master Lun twice in Foshan:

Footage of Leo Man of the Po Fa Lein system, with whom Larry has studied:

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