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Tai Chi in Nottingham. Seeking Personal Training or Tai Chi Classes Near You?

Tai Chi near me Personal Training Tai Chi
Instructor: Larry Tuck (Instructor Profile)
Venue Private Lessons 22 Dunsmore Close, Beeston, Notts
Class Venue Beeston Rylands Community Centre, Leyton Crescent, Beeston Rylands NG9 1PS
Costs Private Lessons 23.00 per hour or pro rata
Class Fees 6 per class - 6 sessions for 30

See No Faith T'ai Chi Nottingham in Action

"Thank you very much for all the teachings ... Larry. Warmest regards," Sarah

Tai Chi and Qigong classes:

WEDNESDAY EVENINGS 7.30-8.30pm. I teach a class split between Wu Dang Secret Fist Qigong and Yang Tai Chi in the recently refurbished Beeston Rylands Community Centre. 6 per class - 6 sessions for 30. Free on site parking

Why No Faith Tai Chi?

I was always rather taken by the remark made by Cheng Man Ching and detailed in Robert Smith`s excellent book Chinese Boxing - Masters and Methods. Smith asks Cheng why the latter`s students do not approach his skill level in Tai Chi and Cheng replies "No faith."

I find it does require some faith to leave behind the strength related methods of the external schools, also I mean it here to encourage Yang stylists of whatever school or faith to realise the universal principles at work within the forms, and to reassure those of a spiritual nature that nothing that takes place in classes should conflict with their beliefs.

What is Tai Chi?

Tai Chi Chuan (supreme ultimate boxing as the Yang family refined it), appears as a slow moving series of postures (called "the form"), played by the body and limbs. Eventually, forms with swords are "played". The playing of the form is underpinned with mindful concentration and breath control.

What are the benefits of Tai Chi?

The practice of Tai Chi develops a calm mind, a supple body, strength in the lower limbs, with better balance. Though used primarily for stress relief and relaxation, the art works on many other levels. It has found a place in Chinese Traditional Medicine as it is believed that the Tai Chi moves affect beneficially the organs and systems of the body, to maintain health and longevity. From its Taoist philosophy comes a basis for spiritual development. It is also a deceptively powerful martial art.

COVID-19: We are moving back into the Community Centre on May 19th 2021. Social distancing and hygiene precautions in place. Message to book a space.

What Happens on a Tai Chi Class or Personal Training Session?

On our Tai Chi private lessons and classes which are held in Beeston Nottingham, beginners commence to learn the first section of the long Yang form and a contrasting qigong. They may go on the learn the entire sequence of and the weapons forms (Tai Chi Sword and Saber). If required, applications of the martial moves, and the practice of push hands (a sort of compromised sparring based on sensitivity) can be practiced. Advanced students can cherry pick the attributes and form they wish to work on. I specialise in martial application, alignment testing of the movements and power generation. Those who wish to push hands must license and insure with our Chinese Martial Arts Association and the Governing body. (21.00)

If you have the space you can also be taught Tai Chi in the comfort and privacy of your own home (travel costs apply)

Are there alternatives to Tai Chi?

Why not try our "Breath Works" Qigong lessons?  Click here for Tai Chi Clothing.

To discuss how you might approach this activity or book a personal tai chi training session / class,

e-mail now or call 07514383715.

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