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Larry joined the International Taiji and Shaolin Wushu Association over 30 years ago. His initial training was in Yang Taiji.

However at that age he became more interested in what he saw in the practicalities of Wing Chun Kung Fu. However once he gained his black sash 2nd Degree and began to teach for the Association a chance meeting rekindled his intest in T'ai Chi. "Auntie Wu" was studying teaching at Nottingham University and lead a group back home in Xinjing teaching a shortened family style of Yang Tai Chi. She was also a tuina masseuse.  Larry learned and practiced Auntie Wu's style and when she returned to China he resolved to travel there also.

He joined the ITSWA study tours of China in 1994/5, organised by his first T'ai Chi teacher Derek Frearson, he trained with Yang Style T'ai Chi Master Ou Rong Ju, a Student of Yang Zheng Ming. He picked up the Yang style fist and broad sword forms whilst there. Around this time he attended seminars on applications with Mark Peters and Dan Docherty and a forms seminar where Fu Sheng Yuan taught the entire Yang form in one weekend! By the late 1990s Larry was in demand at local FE colleges leading T'ai Chi and Qigong classes

He began training privately in Tai Chi and Qigong with Tony Henrys in 1997. Tonys teachers include Fu Zhong Wen (the Yang style Chief Disciple and Chu King Hung, the European representative of the late Grandmaster Yang Sau Chung.) From Tony he learned Yang style Straight Sword, plus corrections and applications/push hands methods. He also learned Qigong routines such as Liang Gong, The Yang Tai Chi Qigong, The Swan and the Wu Dang Secret Fist.

In 2014 he began training with Yun Choi Yeung a widely experienced internal martial artist especially in Fu Zhensong's T'ai Chi.

Taiji in China, now offering Tuina Beeston,Larry Accupressure Massage in Beeston with Sifu Derek Frearson at Shaolin

Larry now offers Tuina massage in client's own homes

If you would like further information on tuina massage, Larry can be contacted on
07514 383 715, alternatively, email below:

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