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PRICES IN BLACK INCLUDE POSTAGE. Scroll to buy skipping ropes, press up stands, dumbbells, grip trainers, etc.

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Wrist Roller


MPM/EAN 5055734808342

Cash on Collection Price 14.50

Buy this Wrist and Forearm Roller / Exerciser. Chromed Steel with nylon cord and detachable loading pin. Foam grips for comfort and feel. Adjustable. Minimal self assembly.

Attach suitable weight disc to the cord. Won`t work with olympic discs unless adapted (by putting a standard disc on first for example). Develop dynamic grip strength, forearm development and endurance in the shoulders if required, all depending on the weight used and arm position.

To keep stress off shoulders if required stand on a box and keep elbows below level of shoulders
A typical routine here:

Fitness Equipment Nottingham

Head Harness


Cash on Collection Price 8.99

"excellent product...." Buyer: dav871

Buy this nylon head and neck harness. Weights NOT included. Examined before dispatch.

Strengthen head and neck muscles. Help withstand blows and grapples.

Begin with very light weight for this often overlooked set of muscles.
A typical routine here:

Fitness Equipment Nottingham

Skipping / Jump Rope Speed


MPN/EAN 01316370027

Cash on Collection Price 7.75

"Speed Skipping/Jump rope with well balanced impact resistant handles.
Nylon rope may be adjusted from its 2.59m original length.
A highly portable way to improve cv fitness and stamina whilst burning around 590 Kcals per hour.
Good reviews from around the web.
The more abrasive the surface you skip on the quicker the rope will wear.
Time taken to straighten out the rope afer delivery will pay dividends.
How to use your purchase here:

Home Fitness Equipment Nottingham

Adjustable Hand Grips


Cash on Collection Price 11.99

Forearm exercisers, adjustable 10-40Kg. Improve grip strength.
Any activity requiring improvement in grip strength (mma, grappling, kung fu, also gymnastics, mountaineering)
would benefit from the forearm development and wrist strength that training with these adjustable grips can develop.

Home Fitness Equipment Nottingham

USN Tornado Protein Drinks Shaker 650ml


MPN/EAN 5053676288840

Cash on Collection Price 5.50

Buy this lightweight and portable shaker - It's ideal for mixing and carrying supplements especially protein powders.

Above the inner mesh which efficiently breaks up your powders is a surgical rubber seal and a screw-on and twist leak-free lid. (Instructions on the shaker label). Mouthpiece is sealed inside and out. It is always prudent to test the shaker with clear water initially and store upright in transit. Complete with an extra detachable compartment, which enables you to carry extra servings of your supplements whether powder, tablet or capsules. Flip back and lock mouthpiece cover.
Dimensions: Large 650ml capacity. Overall height 235mm (with lid). Top diameter is 190mm tapering to Dishwasher and microwave friendly, fits most car cup holders. BPA free according to the manufacturer's site. Not best suited to carbonated or hot liquids.

Fitness Equipment Nottingham

Dumbbells Pair

2lb each 5.99

Cash on Collection Price 4.99

"Good item..... Buyer:Member ID cliv_barke

Purchase these affordable Foam covered dumbbells with handles. Supplied brand new in box.
Actual weight of dumbbells varies, average is around 877g each,
none is heavier then 908g each.
Thats around 2 lbs. You will be sent a matched pair.

How to use your purchase:

These would make a good choice for women and lightly built men wanting to improve upper body tone,
for stronger individuals they would help with endurance, eg punchouts, flushing routines, weighted bag work.

Fitness Equipment Nottingham

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