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Karate Equipment And Uniforms Nottingham

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Makiwara Traditional Straw Develop Explosive Strikes


Cash on Collection Price 16.99

MPN/EAN 5055194167560

"Excellent item, works perfectly, ..." Buyer: slothskingdom.

Purchase this straw makiwara roll measuring 38cm x 10 cm.


This makiwara roll is usually mounted on a post sunken into the ground.
The post may also be mounted on a plate so that the weight of your body holds the post steady. The taper of the post allows the makiwara to give.
Pre-soften the makiwara roll with a rubber mallet before mounting.

Cover the surface with a towel in the early stages of your conditioning. A towel each can help prevent disease spreading if the makiwara is used by others.

Conditioning is a progressive activity - don`t overdo it. Consider the use of our Dit Da Jow Iron Palm Liniment.

Karate Equipment Nottingham



Cash on Collection Price 4.99/6.75

MPN/EAN 5055194168239

"Great item perfect for self defense" Buyer: stanwaka "Excellent item!... Buyer:chrismiles1981

OUT OF STOCK. Order either a red or black hardwood practice training knife for self defence work, displays etc. Tsuba not supplied.

Dimensions long 29.5 cm, wide 3.75 cm.

A history of the Tanto:

Karate Equipment Nottingham

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