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Taekwondo Equipment Uniform Nottingham

PRICES IN BLACK INCLUDE POSTAGE. Scroll down to buy uniform and rebreak boards, etc.

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Taekwondo TKD Bat / Paddle Target


Cash on Collection Price 8.99 OUT OF STOCK

"Great item..." Buyer: ianbonse.

Buy this P.U. leather bat/paddle target for kick practice in Taekwondo and other martial arts.
Double construction produces sound to aid efforts to focus.

Handle has nylon strap to asssist holder.

Target area 21cm round, overall length 39cm, 35mm thickness.

Weight 309 g (all approx).

Taekwondo Equipment Nottingham

Childrens Taekwondo Suit / Dobok WTF  Junior / Kids Kimono Anzug


Cash on Collection Price 10.99


"Great item. Sizing is good......" Buyer: louise2774 "Really nice quality....very pleased" Buyer: isoble2160 "good quality product" Buyer: natneil1

Order this well-regarded make of WTF beginner/intermediate TKD suit (dobok) in white. Belt included.

A pre-shrunk Taekwondo polycotton and mixed fibre medium weight suit that is both hardwearing and comfortable. The polyester helps prevent shrinkage, the soft cotton absorbs sweat. The jacket has adjustable elastic tie on inner. Trousers have an elastic and cord waist with professional groin to ankle gusset for those high kicks. Tags are sewn into garments.

Please note that for some clubs and competitions WTF approved suits are required. Check with instructors/officials before ordering.

Sizing: Please choose size from the drop down menu. PLEASE ADVISE IF YOU DON`T WANT THE WHITE BELT SENDING. Sizes are approximate and suits tend to be on the generous side. Please measure items of your child`s sports/leisure clothing before ordering to minimise returns.

How to care for your purchase: Wash in 30 degrees or less and stretch out before hanging to dry. There may be some initial shrinkage. Use undergarments such as t shirts to absorb sweat and wash Dobok ASAP after practice. Do not bleach.

Age 6-7 Size 0 130 cm, 4ft 1ins - 4 ft 4ins.
Trouser top of waist band to ankle 81 cm. Jacket top of collar at rear to jkt bottom 66 cm.

Age 7-8 Size 1 140 cm, 4ft 5ins - 4ft 8ins
Trouser top of waist band to ankle 85.5 cm. Jacket top of collar at rear to jkt bottom 70.5 cm.

Age 9-10 Size 2 150 cm, 4ft 9ins - 5ft 1ins
Trouser top of waist band to ankle 94cm. Jacket top of collar at rear to jkt bottom 78.5cm.

Karate Uniform Nottingham

Rebreakable Boards Improve Striking and Breaking Training


Cash on Collection Price 20.50 BLACK ONLY IN STOCK

MPN/EAN 5055194137891

"....Boards are good quality...." Buyer: wolf uk0912.

Much loved by TKD exponents, these boards deserve to be used more widely for objective tests of striking power.

Re-break boards with progressively harder resistances. Red intermediate, Black advanced.
The black board is 20mm thick the red 15mm with an additional 4 mm and 2mm of padding respectively (all approx).
Red board is 32 x 25 cm approx, black board is 32 x 28 cm approx.
Please choose from the drop-down menu:


Board may be wall mounted or held by partner at suitable height.
You can always hold two boards together to increase resistance.
Work all the striking surfaces your system employs.
There are many Youtube videos of inspiring breaks.
Work under the supervision of a qualified instructor if possible.

Taekwondo Uniform Nottingham

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