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Chi Gung Nottingham Chi Kung Nottingham

Qigong based health activities at local firm.

Qigong Nottingham

Qigong Classes - Seeking tuition near Nottingham?


Larry Tuck (Profile)

Class Venue

Beeston Rylands Community Centre, Leyton Crescent, Beeston Rylands NG9 1PS

Personal Training Venue

22 Dunsmore Close, Beeston, Notts


One to one: 12 for 30 mins, 23 .00 per hour
Classes: 6 a class

"We'd like to thank you for the course which we thoroughly enjoyed. Best wishes,"
Trish and Alasdair MacCuish

Qigong and T'ai Chi classes:

WEDNESDAY EVENINGS 7.30-8.30pm. I teach a class split between Wu Dang Secret Fist Qigong and Yang Tai Chi in the recently refurbished Beeston Rylands Community Centre. Free on site parking.

What is Qigong or Chi Gong?

Qigong / Chi Kung is variously described as breath or energy management techniques or a standing/moving meditation. Based on Chinese medical belief and/or Taoist philosophy - Some systems have borrowed from or given to Chinese martial arts. Tai Chi for example can be seen as one long chi kung exercise.

What Happens on our Beeston based one to one qigong lessons and group classes?

All the Qigong systems share similar characteristics. In our training sessions you will copy either the standing/moving postures. Be given advice on the breathing pattern to establish. Helped to alignment the limbs for health according to Traditional Chinese Medicine. Assisted to visualise of the path taken by the breath which helps with the meditative aspects of the Qigong.

Which Qigong exercises are taught?

Chi kung breathing exercises taught here in Beeston Nottingham include: Yang family Tai Chi Qigong - a set of postures with vocalisation. Wu Dang Secret Fist Qiqong, for Meridian and Organ health. An adapted version of the Mawangdui Tomb qigong for 12 Meridians from 168 BC. Also offered a Spinal Health Exercise Routine. Easily learnt, seated 30 minute routine to help back problems.

What are the benefits of Chi Kung?

The benefits of qigong include stress relief, better control of balance and blood pressure, improved mental clarity and joint mobility / flexibility. All the routines need minimal space to perform, if you have more space and time you can get the same benefits from our T`ai Chi lessons and classes You can also be taught qigong in the comfort and privacy of your own home (travel costs apply) I can also travel to run small group seminars.

To determine which Qigong exercises might suit you, e-mail us now or call 07514383715.

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