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Self Defence Nottingham


Looking for Self Defence in Nottingham?

Instructor: Larry Tuck ( Instructor Profile)
Venue:  22 Dunsmore Close, Beeston, Notts
Cost Option 1: Six 45 minute sessions usually suffice:
90.00 for 6 x one to one sessions
Cost Option 2: 6.00 per session
Option 1: One to one tuition / Private Lessons by Appointment
Option 2: Come to our existing Wing chun classes where will set aside time for your needs
Ring to organise


A Typical Joint Effort Self Defence Course - What happens?

Our personal training course consists of practical and effective self defence activities and techniques, (how to escape grabs and holds, how to generate powerful strikes), tips and advice on avoiding muggings, assaults inc sexual assaults, pub and club violence, use of the voice, eyes and body language to deter aggression, how to survive on the ground, dealing with edged weapons etc.

You will learn how to manage fear, consider what you can bring yourself to do and empower yourself through confidence in your natural strength.

You will need loose exercise gear including trainers and for single females taking one to one sessions a training partner / chaperone

I can present the course to small groups in the workplace if you have the insurance for such activity - Please contact for prices.

I specialise also in physical intervation solutions for SIA security personal and stewards including control and restraint, power generation for lightly built and female operatives, momentum handling and keeping one's feet

Self Defence Courses are an alternative to taking on the longer term commitment of the Chinese Martial Arts, but our Foshan Wing Chun Classes would provide increased likelihood of a successful outcome in cases of physical violence.

Suzy Lamplugh Trust

Practical support and guidance.

Victim Support

Helps survivors of crime or traumatic events..

Crime Prevention.

Useful section on Personal security, inc advice for students.

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